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Realpolitiks - we answer your questions!

The new year is always full of plans and challenges, but for us the beginning of 2017 was focused on our projects in development and one of them is Realpolitiks, obviously. The game launches today, so it's a great opportunity to answer some of your most popular questions! Here's a short interview with Igor Zieliński, the Creative Director for Realpolitiks!


What is Realpolitiks about?

Realpolitiks is a real-time grand strategy game in which you can rule almost any contemporary country at a macro-management level. You take control over your state and your goal is to expand your influence and to successfully participate in the geopolitical race.


We wanted to make an ambitious game that will offer you a wide range of possibilities. You can shape your political system, determine the relations with others, take part in armed conflicts, profit from espionage, manage your economy and react to important random events. And this is still scratching the surface.

The most important aspect of Realpolitiks is that it gives you a lot of freedom and it's up to you to choose your own path to victory.



What makes Realpolitiks stand out from similar games?

First-of-all we are showing all important aspects of politics - including as well internal as external relations. You also do have a great influence on how your country will develop. The game offers many projects that have an important impact on the effectiveness and shape of your country. But while taking decisions you need to predict what impact they will have on your state's economic situation, on the society, etc., you also need to consider elections, which can affect the political system and your opportunities. 

In Realpolitiks you can be a democracy or an authoritarian or even totalitarian country. Your country's political system determines many aspects of the game - such as relations with other states, social unrest, military options and so on.

The game gives you interesting mechanics and the freedom to decide whether you want to be aggressive and achieve your goals by war, or if you want to be a peaceful nation and use diplomacy as your most effective tool.


The game is also about morality. What does it mean?

In the game we put a strong emphasis on giving players a wide range of instruments that have an impact on the development of their country. But we also want to leave them full freedom in the aspect of moral decision-making. In other words you can achieve your goals even in a cynical and dubious way, just like it is in reality. We want to show the dark and bright sides of power.



What are the other challenges that one can encounter in the game?

First of all the game is also based on political fiction. This gave us the chance to introduce diversified scenarios with different tasks and a different reality.  The game features many challenges and puts important decisions to make in front of you. You can give your opinion on such topics as migration, ISIS, terrorism, climate problems, international relations, etc. The game will surprise you with many unexpected and random events, so the level of replayability is high. 



How many countries are playable in the game?

Actually you can play any country you want - only really small states, such as Vatican or San Marino, are not represented in the game. Of course we wanted the game to be realistic so your possibilities will be much wider if you choose a strong country, but on the other hand you can create blocks similar to EU and NATO, so even a relatively small nation can have a huge influence on geopolitics. We give you full freedom of action in internal and external politics, while still maintaining the game very accessible, even to those who had never the chance to play grand-strategies before.